Students get hands-on lesson on waters of Buffalo Bayou


"They are collecting samples that they are going to bring back to shore and look at the water quality under a microscope, and look at some of the organisms that are living in the bayous," explained UH professor Dr. Brad Hope.

UH Downtown professors want to open the students' eyes to the ecology and geology of Buffalo Bayou, which is essentially its history. The outdoor on the water exercise also stresses the importance of pursuing key fields of the future.

UH Downtown President Bill Flores said, "We want to encourage them to major in the sciences. Our country needs people in math and science, in engineering, in technical fields, so we want to encourage them."

Once their feet were back on land, their hands-on training continued with a civic service message -- enter the annual Edge Clean-Up put on by UH Downtown.

UH student government representative John Locke said, "I'm hoping they take home first and foremost community service and build that aspect inside of them."

"The best part, I have to say, was picking up trash. It was fun. I don't know why but it was fun because we got to do it as a group," said Harmony School of Advancement student Jessica Lodge.

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