Tax-filing deadline nearing, so is time to get free help


April 15 is right around the corner, but if you need help getting the forms filled out or e-filing, you can get that help for free but time is not on your side.

"Our taxes are not done yet," taxpayer William Pierre said.

Pierre and his wife Rhonda are not alone in waiting to get their taxes done. Fortunately the Houston couple is in the right place to get their taxes finished.

Neighborhood Tax Centers offers free tax help up to April 15.

"We have 15 locations through out the greater Houston area you do not need an appointment and most have extended hours and many of them have weekend hours so we are ready to help people meet their tax deadline," said Elizabeth Ferrer with the Neighborhood Tax Cetner.

Ferrer says families earning up to $50,000 a year are eligible for free help. If you do not think you will have your taxes filed by the deadline, file an extension.

"To file an extension, you do not have to have a reason or extenuating circumstance. It is a very simple form to complete and at Neighborhood Tax Centers we can file an extension for you for free and that will give you until October 15," Ferrer said.

An extension does not give you extra time to pay.

"If you owe the IRS you do need to start paying o what you think you are going to owe, but an extension will help you to avoid a failure to file penalty, which is actually a very expensive penalty," Ferrer said.

Tax centers will be open through the 15th, if you need help finding a location near you, just go to their website.

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