Fort Bend residents concerned about neighbor's cat baiting


The alert went out on social media Thursday night and already one resident is wondering whether one of the victims may be her missing kitten.

On the neighborhood Facebook page is a warning to cat owners in Pecan Grove, and it's causing a debate among people who live there.

"I'm an animal lover. I adopt, I foster, my family does it and it's heartbreaking family pets could wind up disappearing and be put down," Peacan Grove resident Elizabeth Kohn said.

Some homeowners, though, don't want cats in their yards. A few in the neighborhood are said to be setting traps to catch the felines. One man, who wouldn't identify himself, says he's one of them.

"The animal shelter on Blume Road, they said they usually put a can of tuna in there and use those traps for them," he told Eyewitness News.

Fort Bend's animal shelter provides traps. The animals, such as cats, are taken to the shelter and if owners don't claim them after three days, they can be euthanized.

It is all within the law, but for the Kohn sisters, the concern is that some of the cats attracted by the tuna may not be feral, but neighbors' pets.

"The smell, you can probably smell from three doors down. What if the owner just left the door open on accident and the cat goes out there and they never see it again?" Pecan Grove resident Nicole Kohn said.

To emphasize once more, there is nothing illegal about trapping a stray pet; the homeowner is within his rights. But it's a reminder to people in the area to keep their pets in sight if not inside.

We requested from Fort Bend Animal Control the number of pets trapped and taken to the animal shelter, but we were told to file a Freedom of Information request, which we have.

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