Dermatologist has new treatment to fight underarm sweat


"My underarm sweat started when I was in middle school. I'd be sitting there and I'd be so afraid to raise my arm in class because I'd get pit stains on my shirt. For half my life every single day, I've felt self-conscious about my sweating," says Rena.

So, Rena reached out to Dermatologist Tracy Katz for a long-lasting solution to her hyperhydrosis or underarm sweating.

"Miradry is the first FDA non-invasive procedure that's been specifically designed to treat underarm sweating," Dr. Katz explains. "We use a suction hand piece that is placed in the armpit area. That hand piece delivers microwave energy into the skin where the sweat glands are found. That's in-between the skin and the fat. That energy produces heat, which heats the sweat glands and destroys them. What we know is that when we destroy sweat glands, they do not grow back, and so we've also seen many patients who are years out from their procedure who are still satisfied and still seeing that reduction of sweat."

Dr. Katz typically does two treatments, three months apart. After the first treatment, she says most patients report at least a 75-percent reduction in underarm sweating. However, a second treatment is done to destroy any remaining sweat glands that were resistant to the first treatment. After the second treatment, she sees 90-percent reduction in underarm sweating.

"I noticed immediate results because I was able to wear shirts and not sweat a lot. It just makes me happier, builds your confidence," Rena says.

The cost of Miradry is approximately $2,500 to $3,000 for the two treatments depending on the physician.

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