Makeover your makeup bag and save


Ladies, stop throwing away money on makeup that really doesn't compliment your complexion and really learn your true colors.

Color My Closet's color stylist Lauren Battistini says the first thing people notice is the color a person wears, and it needs to be the right colors. All shades of pink and red are not created equal. Whether you enlist the help of a professional or just hold up and compare different shades of color swatches to your face, you can quickly put together a pallet of your personal best colors.

"The power of color is that it can instantly erase 10 pounds and 10 years. And, it doesn't cost a thing. The colors within your pallet work because they combine with you skin tone. They mix and match seamlessly," Battistini says.

Once you know your right colors, your options for using color to enhance your everyday look are endless, starting with a bold, bright lipstick. Battistini says you don't need dozens of products in your makeup bag. Instead, you can achieve every look you'll need with buying four colors and getting a lot of bang for your buck.

"A pink, a red, a berry and some type of corral or orange color," Battistini says. "Regardless of your skin tone, you can take these four colors and either warm them up, cool them off, lighten them or darken them. With only four color choices you have at least 10 different lipstick options. So it's no longer necessary to go out and by 50 lipstick colors, ladies."

We've all heard that red lipstick works well on virtually all skin tones. But if you want to spruce up the shade for spring, there's a way to achieve that look without going back to the makeup counter.

"If you want to tone it down a little bit and lighten it, you would add this pink, and that lightens to whole look of the red," Battistini says.

You can also take your basic red and create a darker shade that flatters you.

"One option is to deepen your shade of red. And the way you do that is you take your true red here and add a deeper color, which is this berry, and you deepen that red ever so slightly," Battistini says.

If you're searching for the perfect shade for spring, look no further.

"Berry is a great shade fall and winter, but if you want to lighten it for spring and summer, all you need to do is dab on a little light pink," Battistini says.

Put the orange or coral shade to use to create another springtime lipstick that you can carry into summer.

"Another option is to take your berry and warm it with the coral that has a lot of orange in it. So we'll take our berry here, which is a cool tone, and we'll slightly warm it with this orange or coral," Battistini says.

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