Texas lieutenant governor race: Who is David Dewhurst?


In a crowded primary with three opponents, Dewhurst knows this is the toughest political fight he's had for the seat that controls the Texas legislative agenda.

"I want opportunity for everybody, and that's what I'm fighting for," he said.

Dewhurst, less than 24 months removed from losing a bid for the U.S. Senate to Ted Cruz, says he's learned from that stinging defeat in which a relative unknown out-politicked him on the stump. And he's better for it.

"I think it works better when anybody is just themselves. And in 2012, I had a team around me that wanted me to do X and Y and stay in the office. I like to get out, I like to see Texas. I like to hear what they have on their mind," Dewhurst said.

In the race to seemingly out-conservative one another, Dewhurst is like his opponents in pointing out what makes him the best conservative: wanting low taxes, less government and limited regulations.

"That business climate, getting government out of the way, cutting taxes, keeping our spending under control has created the Texas miracle," Dewhurst said.

Dewhurst has the biggest war chest, the most experience and widespread name recognition, but does he infect supporters with the passion to go vote? That's what he working toward.

"I know that in business you have to constantly challenge the way you do things. You need to constantly improve and that's what we need to do in state government too," he said.

Dewhurst says he doesn't expect to win outright on Tuesday, but he does expect to be first and in a runoff with one of the other three candidates -- familiar territory after 2012.

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