Dead man wakes up inside body bag in Mississippi

The coroner in Lexington, Mississippi says he checked the pulse and heartbeat of 78-year-old Walter Williams, and got no response. So Walters was put in a body bag, and taken to a funeral home where workers prepared to embalm him. Two hours later, funeral home employees say he started to move. Williams was rushed to the hospital and is now doing fine.

February 28, 2014 5:19:43 AM PST
Imagine waking up in a body bag at a funeral home. That's what happened to a man from Mississippi.

Walter "Snowball" Williams died Wednesday night of natural causes -- or so everyone thought.

The coroner checked his pulse and pronounced him dead at age 78. They put him into a body bag and drove him to a funeral home.

Two hours later, workers were preparing to embalm Williams when, all of a sudden, his body bag started to move.

He began kicking to get out.

"My cousin called me and said not yet," Willaims' nephew, Eddie Hester, said. "I said, 'What do you mean not yet?' He said, 'Dad is still here.'"

When the coroner was asked how it could happen, he said it was simply a miracle.

Doctors believe Williams' pacemaker may have stopped working, and then started up again.