Love ABC's 'Scandal'? Meet Houston's real fixer


And when it comes to scandals, she may not look or dress like Olivia Pope, but one Houston woman is considered to be the go-to person for getting people out of legal jams.

Mary Flood is also a fixer -- Texas style. But she says don't compare her to Olivia Pope.

"Because she's a gorgeous, tiny woman," Flood said. "Her wardrobe is worth more than my home and most of the homes on my block."

But they do have the same firm rule.

"We find out what the true story is, and we remind that you never, ever, ever lie," Flood said.

A longtime reporter, and Harvard-educated lawyer, Flood has been managing crises for more than three years.

"For instance, there was a person who worked for a charity and wanted to go out and speak about how much they're helping the poor and they're wearing $5,000 or $10,000 worth of gold. Not the right look," Flood said.

Flood often works with powerhouse defense attorney Rusty Hardin and his high-profile clients.

"You know, lawyers talk too much and lawyers don't listen. And Mary brings to us the advantage of having had a profession that listens," Hardin said.

As for gladiators, Flood does have them, but...

"We don't have a torturer, we don't have a hacker, we don't have anyone who's accidentally killed a security guard. But, we have some wildly talented people who are great backup for each other," Flood said.

Still for all its wildly improbable plots about her profession, Flood is a big fan.

"It's so much fun. It's the best, best soap opera I think I've ever seen," she said.

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