Tattoo parlors fight bullying nationwide in wake of boy's suicide attempt over his love for 'My Little Pony'


ABC11 in Raleigh-Durham reports that Michael Morones, who tried to hang himself from his bunk bed, was transported to a hospital in Charlotte yesterday where he will be under the care of specialists for his brain injury.

Michael's hospital bills will continue mounting, but fundraising efforts are widespread. Even tattoo studios across the country are stepping in.

My Little Pony tattoo designs have become all the rage -- because of Michael.

A man in Texas started the movement, ABC11 reports.

Why tattoos?

"No one's going to mess with him anymore because he likes 'My Little Pony,'" Louisiana tattoo apprentice Joselyn Alford told ABC11. "Because you know what? Motorcyclists and bad boys, even tough girls, around the world, are teaming up."

Now, between 25 and 30 tattoo shops in North Carolina and beyond are sending profits from "My Little Pony" tattoos to the Michael Morones Foundation to help pay for his medical care and raise anti-bullying awareness.

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