Roses 101: Best and cheapest bouquets


They're at a premium during the holiday, so we shopped around to see where you get the best bang for your buck. We ordered two dozen red long-stemmed roses from four different shops and had them delivered my office at ABC13.

The cheapest we found was from 1-800-FLOWERS. We found the roses for $64.93, but they were delivered in a box.

The flowers and vase were bubble wrapped, and I had to arrange the flowers and add water. As I tried to unwrap them, some of the petals and leaves fell off. The biggest disappointment was that they weren't the long-stemmed roses we ordered.

At, there is a Valentine's Day special if you preorder by Feb. 7 at midnight. A delivery of two dozen long-stem red roses run for $89.99 at the warehouse store, but the delivery must be Feb. 12 or 13.

We also ordered a bouquet from the floral wire service FTD. We paid $131.73 for the arrangement, but noticed that the roses looked a little bruised upon delivery. The bouquet was very full, but after a few days the petals started wilting.

The most expensive arrangement was from a River Oaks florist. We paid $200.26 - a difference of over $135 from our cheapest find. But we found that the difference in price bought a far superior bouquet. They looked the freshest and the blooms were the fullest of the bunch.

Keep in mind when ordering that the price for a Valentine's Day delivery goes up $20.

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