Doomsdayers' underground survival shelters spread across Texas


Ron Hubbard may seem eccentric. He's got plenty of weapons, ammunition, food, water and a secret bunker.

"It's strictly defensive. Nobody is looking for a fight," he said. "A shelter is more secretive than a bank account."

But far from eccentric, Hubbard is a businessman.

"The U.S. Constitution is under attack," Hubbard said.

He's selling bunkers to a booming clientele.

"It's got four bunks, it will have a couch, and a little entertainment center and a TV," Hubbard said.

And it all starts in Los Angeles, his construction hub.

"They are afraid of the U.S. government and where this country is headed," Hubbard said. "They see a battle in the future. They see the Constitution being trampled. They see the 1st Amendment gone, they see the 2nd Amendment gone."

That brings U.S. back to the Lone Star State. Hidden deep in the most remote areas of Texas are hundreds of survival shelters, secret bunkers.

"People who have bunkers are not looking for a fight, they're looking to sit a fight out," Hubbard said. "You can drive within 20 feet of a bunker and not know it's there."

The ideal setting for a bunker is in the middle of nowhere. It's a secret location for most, surrounded by plenty of weapons, enough food, water and of course, ammunition to last for several years.

"You have a sense that you're invisible because nobody can get to you down here," Hubbard said.

The living quarters are like a regular home. You're 20 feet underground, but the bunkers carry all the conveniences of home and much more. Their cost ranges from $40,000-$400,000.

None of his buyers want to go on camera, but there reasons for buying a bunker are the same -- they fear a collapse of the Constitution and a one world order.

"The people who buy shelters are typically very professional, they're very patriotic, they believe in the Constitution," Hubbard said.

And in the past year, sales have dramatically increased.

"When they think of a zombie, they think of people that in the worst-case scenario are looking for food and water, they're desperate. And they will look like zombies because they will be starving and desperate. They will be willing to kill you to take what you got," Hubbard said.

So, the Doomsdayers wait, prepared for the worst, hoping for the best. And they're always ready for a fight.

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