5 reasons you need a living trust


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    We're getting older. And while no one likes to think about the inevitable, it's essential to plan ahead.

    Let's start by dispelling a common misperception: estate planning does not need to be complicated.

    In fact, a trust is a helpful estate planning tool that allows you to pass assets to your heirs and even takes care of you if you're unexpectedly incapacitated.

    Here are five reasons why you need a living trust:

  • With a trust, your assets go directly to your heirs upon your death, without passing through probate - a legal process that determines if a will is valid. This means your heirs will get their money sooner, without probate costs.
  • A trust is private and, unlike wills, does not become public record.
  • A trust can help protect your property. If you own multiple properties, each of these is subject to court review in the state where it's located. With a trust, you can avoid the probate process all together.
  • Written properly, a trust can help reduce state and federal estate taxes.
  • And a trust allows you to decide when your kids are mature enough to manage their inheritance independently. It also lets you divvy out assets over time.

So talk with a trust advisor. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your assets and your heirs will be protected.

That's information worth knowing.

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