Corset diet gaining buzz while shedding inches off women's waists


Stephanie Jones shrunk 24 pounds on the corset diet.

"I lost 24 pounds but most people tell me -- when I show them the picture -- most people think I've lost like 40 or 50 pounds. And I'm like whoa, but I agree, it does look like that," Jones said.

For hundreds of years, women have squeezed into corsets to get an hourglass figure. Rhonda Hicks says this modern day corset is made of fabric patented by an orthopedic surgeon and a textile engineer.

"And the two of them came together and created this unbelievable garment and a woman can actually put on and can drop two to three sizes in 10 minutes without diet, without exercise, without surgery and it's absolutely incredible what it does for the body," Hicks said.

This same technology can also be used to add curves.

Getting it on, you have to tug, tug, and tug, and it's unlikely you would overeat while wearing it.

While Jones' friends applaud her outward transformation, she credits the corset diet with even an even greater inner transformation, giving her back her confidence.

The Ardyss corsets cost between $125 and $175.

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