Dish Network customers target of latest scam


The warning comes from Dish Network itself. Apparently scammers are calling Dish customers offering to cut their payments in half, but that deal is really designed for something else.

Bhupinder Dayal of Pearland is happy with Dish network.

"They provide Indian Channels that I like and I love the service and have had it for the last six years," Dayal said.

But Dayal says twice in the last few months, he's gotten strange calls from people claiming to be with Dish Network, offering a great deal.

"Their claim is that they will reduce my bill by 50 percent if I pay my bill with one installment and they would like me to provide them my credit card information and so on," Dayal said.

Bhupinder is not alone in getting the calls. The company says it is a scam and sent emails about it to its customers, warning them not to fall for it.

Dish says it is not making the offer and adds it will never call customers asking for account numbers and credit card information.

Consumer experts say the 50 percent discount offered by the scammers could be a deal so sweet it may cloud the judgment of some.

"People think that it is coming from the actual company since they are a customer and it can be very tricky and really fools people," said Leah Napoliello with the Houston BBB.

Napoliello says another red flag with the fake Dish deal is that the scammers are willing to accept payment by Western Union or prepaid Green Dot cards and are asking for information the company should already know.

"So if you are a customer with a company, they are never going to ask you to send money by any other type of method," Napoliello said.

Officials with Dish network do no believe the scammers have a master list of customers, but are simply bulk calling large numbers of people in hopes of finding victims who are subscribers.

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