Keep that resolution and get fit!


With only 64 percent of people keeping their resolution through the first month, it's important to have a plan and stick to it. That's why personal trainer Hillary Hagner has come up with a detailed calendar of different exercises you can do every day to reach your goal. [PRINT CALENDAR]

Today, we're starting with the legs. They include the biggest muscles in our body, so working them will not only help us tone up, but boost our metabolism, as well.

Perform each exercise for 1 minute then repeat for a total of 3-5 sets.

    1. Squat-to-Side Kick: Stand with feet together. Bend halfway down to a squat and then kick one leg out to the side by first tucking the knee into your chest and then slowly extending the leg straight. Flexed foot. Alternate legs.

    2. Straddle Hops: Start by standing over your mat with feet on each side. Scrunch down the whole time as you pop your feet together, landing in the center of the mat. Then pop your feet back out. Repeat rapidly. (30-60 seconds)

    3. Calf Raises: Use a step in your house to stand on with your heels hanging off the back. Perform a dramatic flexed foot and switch to a dramatic pointed foot.

    4. Bridges: Lie on your back with your knees bent and hands down by your sides. Lift your hips high up into the sky, pause for a second at the top to get a good squeeze in your glutes and then return your bottom to the floor briefly.

    5. Volleyball Jumps: Stand close to a wall with your feet only 2-3 inches apart. With your arms up high and straight touching the wall, begin jumping on the balls of your feet trying to reach as high up on the wall as possible. (30-60 seconds)


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