Charges dropped against man accused in boy's death


That controversial child abuse case has been working in a courthouse for nearly two years. But we've learned that prosecutors recently dismissed the murder charges against Joshua Beall due to conflicting reports from medical experts.

Beall was accused of abusing his fiancee's 16-month-old son, Caden Wells, back in January 2012. Back then, investigators claimed Beall beat the toddler with an unknown blunt object, causing the boy's skull to fracture and that a couple of weeks later, the child died.

The entire time, Beall's maintained his story that toddler fell and struck his head on a coffee table and the floor.

On Thursday, a spokesman in the Harris County District Attorney's Office confirmed murder charges were just dropped against Beall after determining there were too many conflicting reports from the medical examiner's office and other medical experts about what actually happened to the child.

Beall's fiancee and the child's mother, Tiffany Wells, told us back in 2012 that the boy's injuries and death were the result of a freak accident.

"I will defend him to the end because I know what kind of person he is, and he did not hurt that child," Wells said.

Our attempts to locate Beall and his fiancee on Thursday have not been successful.

The DA's office says its still looking into this case and could re-file charges at a later time.

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