Easy DIY ideas for those last minute gifts


Basket designer Shirley George Frazier says any kind of container can be turned into a gift basket, like a coffee mug or boxes for example. Get creative! You can even use something you already have that you've never used before.

If your basket is on the big side, you don't have to spend a ton to get it completely full. Here's the trick -- paper bags! Stuff those shopping bags in the bottom of the basket and then add any kind of decorative filling on top to cover them up.

Now you're ready to fill the basket. Think of things the person loves. It can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want.

Here's another trick. To make your items stand up, use skewers. Break them into three-inch pieces. Use scissors to make a hole in the paper and stick the skewer in. Use tape to hold the present in place.

Wrap the basket with cellophane and tie a bow or ribbon on top.

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