Sealy woman reunites owner with lots bag of toys, saves Christmas for foster child


Samantha Roach was on her way to Bellville to go the bank earlier Tuesday when she saw a black trash bag in the middle of Highway 36. As she looked again, she saw wrapping paper sticking out.

"I turned around, went back, picked it up and noticed it was a bag full of Christmas presents for a little girl," Roach said.

Roach instantly turned to Facebook to see if she could find the owner.

"We really had no idea that we had lost anything," said Debbie Reichardt with the Austin County CPS Board of Directors.

On Tuesday evening, Reichardt saw the post and contacted Roach.

"I knew bag of presents for a girl -- well it's us, I know it's us," Reichardt said.

The board spent hours wrapping gifts for foster children Monday night, an annual event near and dear to their hearts. "That's what this is all about for us, helping our foster children," Reichardt said.

But one bag fell off the truck during transport.

"All these gifts were donations, either through monetary or through gifts themselves. This is all Austin County," said Jo Gamble with the Austin County CPS Board of Directors.

This meeting of total strangers in a Sealy parking lot was a reminder to them all that gifts don't always come in packages.

"It's about giving and Christmas spirit," Roach said.

And now a two-year-old girl none of them even know will still have a very special Christmas Day.

"I hope it reminds them, Number 1 of honesty, that there is someone out there that if something belongs to them, they'll get it back to them; and also about love," Reichardt said.

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