'Tips for Jesus' man leaves tips worth thousands across the country


"He said I'm going to tip you extravagantly, which people say a lot and then they don't," said Andrew Thomas, a waiter.

But this customer kept to his word and then some with a $3,500 tip on a $391 meal.

It happened Thursday night at "The Smith" restaurant across from Lincoln Center.

28-year-old waiter Andrew Thomas came to New York from California to learn cooking, but became a server because he thought he could make more money.

It seems like a good career choice.

"He introduced himself and said I don't want my name attached to it, just spread the word," Thomas said.

The good word comes from a mystery man who signed the bill "Tips for Jesus."

He posted the receipt on Instagram along with receipts from restaurants across the country, all with generous tips.

The heading on his page says, "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."

"It happened right over here, where these two lovely ladies are sitting right now," a waiter said.

The Good Samaritan left $3,000 at a bar in Michigan, and a $1,500 tip at a San Francisco steakhouse.

Back at "The Smith" restaurant in New York, people were impressed.

Customers say the $3,500 tip has made them think of others this holiday season.

An act of kindness is inspiring them to pay it forward, one bar tab at a time.

So what does Andrew Thomas plan to do with his $3,500?

"I'm going to Mexico. I'm going to buy my mom something nice for Christmas, and I'm taking my girlfriend to Mexico," Thomas said.

A warm escape for the holidays, paid for by a secret man with big check book.

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