Products to help women cope with hair loss


Beauty expert Rachel Gower with Upper Hand salon says you can do something about it. If you have the money for it, hair transplants that cost thousands of dollars have worked, but it's not for everyone.

"Only 40 percent of women are actually good candidates," Gower said. "Once you do have it, only about 80 percent of people have seen really good results."

A less expensive option is low-level laser treatments in the salon.

"It will cost several hundred dollars a month and you have to be really committed to it," Gower said. "You may end up being there two or three times a week."

To save money over the long run, you can choose an at-home laser option like the Hairmax for $300.

"You can use it from the comfort of your own home so it's really easy," Gower explained.

For topical treatments, there are hundreds of over the counter products and a few prescription-based treatments.

"Only a couple of them have been approved by the FDA for hair regrowth," Gower said. "The only topical product that has been approved for that is Minoxidyl, and most people know that as Rogaine."

Gower says Rogaine is $29 for about a two month supply and has been proven to work for many people. But for it to work, you have to be very consistent, and make sure you use it exactly as directed.

For those who are starting treatment or just barely thinning and want to conceal, there are several options, like one called Toppik for $35.

"What they are is magnetically charged fibers that actually cling to your hair," Gower said. "The cool thing is they don't come off in the rain. They are very secure."

But the easiest and fastest way to conceal minor thinning hair is scalp concealers. They come in spray cans, compacts and powders, and are essentially makeup for your scalp. Joan Rivers scalp makeup is $29.50, but you can use eyeshadow in a similar fashion.

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