Houston Texans fans storm out of Reliant Stadium early in protest, frustration

HOUSTON Without a doubt, this has been the strangest Texans season ever, and Sundays game against the Oakland Raiders really encapsulates their season with Schaub making a special guest appearance.

First there was Case Keenum. Not his best game. He was benched after throwing for 170, a touchdown and a pick. Schaub was trying to lead them back, but they fell to the Raiders 28-23 for a franchise-high eight consecutive losses.

Tempers flared between Schaub and Andre Johnson, who headed into the locker room early. And Johnson wasn't the only one who left. Emotions were high as dozens of fans stormed out of Reliant, many upset over the controversial move to replace Keenum with Schaub toward the end of the third quarter.

"Man, I'm so disappointed in the team I don't know what to do," Gary Watch said.

It's been an emotional roller coaster for a lot of the fans we spoke to, and some told us they left in hopes of sending a message to the team's management.

"I can't even wear this jersey. I ripped it off my body the minute I saw Schaub come in the game," Jonathan Hay said. "It's disgusting."

The team already had a rocky start at the beginning of the game, but many say they were cautiously optimistic about the Texans chances before halftime when the team turned things around and were leading the Raiders by three points.

"I definitely had my hopes up," Ryan Gallaway said. "Not nervous at all."

But now, with a record eight-game losing streak, some fans say they're feeling more than frustrated.

"It's heartbreaking every week. We come in here, we are ready, and we are ready for our team, and our team doesn't show up," Craig Watch said. "And it's not the team, though. It's something in that management and behind that table that they are not doing right. Somebody needs to make the right decision."

Fans are disappointed now, but still sticking by the Houston Texans.

"They need a lot of help," Herbert Archer said. "But I'm a true fan, and I've got to stick with them, though."

Overall, many of the Texans fans we talked to say they are still supporting this team. They tell us it'll just be nice to enjoy a win -- soon.

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