California woman sues McDonald's over coffee temperature


This time, a woman claims a McDonald's worker spilled hot coffee on her and burned her. Joan Fino, 74, claims McDonald's is deliberately keeping coffee way too hot to save money.

McDonald's restaurants are told to keep coffee between 170 and 180 degrees because hot coffee stays fresher longer. But that's 30 degrees hotter than a home coffee maker.

Fino says she suffered second-degree burns from McDonalds coffee and is suing for millions.

"People are calling me a crazy old lady and they're making it sound like she should buy ice tea," said Fino. "They make it sound like I went in and bought a coffee and spilled it on myself. I didn't do that. I went to get coffee and you know, it's their fault. It was too hot and the lids weren't on right."

The suit comes 20 years after a jury awarded a woman in New Mexico nearly $3 million after she suffered third degree burns from McDonald's coffee.

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