Police find man dead inside wrecked Bentley in west Houston


A man who was preparing to open a new strip club on the west side was found gunned down inside of his Bentley. Investigators say it appears he was ambushed by more than one shooter.

The shooting happened around 5am at the intersection of Beverly Hill and Greenridge, just a block away from Richmond Avenue.

People living in town homes near the scene alerted authorities. They say they heard multiple gunshots, and then they saw the Bentley crashed into a ditch with what seemed like an endless amount of smoke.

Neighbor Claudia Sanchez says she woke up just after 5am after hearing arguing and gunshots. It also startled her daughter, and the two couldn't help but peek out their window to see what happened.

"From car to car, they were shooting at each other, saying something," Sanchez said. "I didn't understand what they say, but when I came to see, there was nobody on the street. No car, nothing."

Police are investigating what led up to the victim's death.

"It looks like there was some sort of confrontation between our compliant and another individual. We don't know if there was one or two or how many," said Richard Rodriguez with the Houston Police Department.

Authorities say multiple shots were fired at the vehicle with what appears to be two different weapons.

"Nobody saw another vehicle. All they heard were several gunshots. Nobody can tell us what kind of vehicle was involved, if there was another vehicle involved. It looks like there was," Rodriguez said.

According to authorities, the driver of the car was days away from opening a strip club off Richmond Avenue near Hillcroft. And despite talking with the victim's friends, police say they have few leads on who was behind the shooting.

"They have all told me he didn't have any problems with anybody, as far as they knew. He didn't have any beef with other people around here so at this point we don't know," Rodriguez said.

There is no description of any suspects or any other car involved. The identity of the victim has not been released.

Sanchez, who's lived here 12 years, can't understand why her once-quiet community is now in the spotlight because of a deadly shooting.

"I think it's dangerous," she said. "I don't know, maybe a bullet can come to the house or something. For me, it's scary."

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