Foods that whiten your teeth


"I love coffee," laughs Elaine DeMien. But she doesn't like the way it stains her teeth and she reveals one of her secrets.

"You won't see me drinking coffee without my green straw and it has to be the green straw because it fits better inside that hole," she says showing us the plastic lid to her coffee cup.

Or you can use whole milk in your coffee. Yes, milk prevents stains too!

I know most of you drink skim milk or no milk in your coffee, but the experts say it has to be whole milk because it's the fat that prevents the staining from the coffee. And I have more do it yourself whitening ideas.

How about foods that whiten your teeth? It's true and that's straight from a UT Dental School professor.

Joe Ontiveros, DDS with UT Dentists, says if you eat acidic foods, or rooty fibrous foods, better yet a combination of both, it will whiten your teeth. He says think of citrus fruits like oranges. Also, strawberries have an acid that can whiten teeth.

Dr. Ontiveros says papaya, ginger root and pineapple also work because they have natural enzymes that whiten too.

If you're a tea drinker, here's your tip: choose iced over hot tea, because hot drinks stain more than cold drinks!

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