FBI serving search warrants at two Houston homes, one in Bryan


Law enforcement spent more than seven hours searching one of the homes. What they were after, they wouldn't say. Whatever it was, they were concerned enough that every time they went in they wore protective gear.

For much of the day, curious neighbors were kept so far back they had to use binoculars to see what was going on in the middle of Albans Road.

"I don't know if there's a threat or if there's danger," said neighbor Jill Satterwhite.

A small army of law enforcement descended upon this neighborhood of million dollar homes. Investigators wore HazMat suits, respirators and oxygen tanks before entering. It was unnerving, to say the least.

One eyewitness says a Houston police officer told him they were looking for bomb making materials at the property. The FBI, however, would not confirm that.

Nieghbor Steve Nall said, "It's crazy because it's such a quiet street and nothing ever happens here."

An FBI spokesperson tells us they were serving a search warrant which was filed under seal so they could not provide any more detail.

A second raid took place simultaneously at another high dollar neighborhood in the Memorial area. Similarly agents there also wore protective gear before going inside. Investigators say the two cases are related.

Agents won't say what they found at either location only that it was "possible" evidence. This occurs, of course, as the federal government shutdown continues. Agents could not tell us if they were potentially risking their lives here for free.

We asked, "Do you know if anybody out here is getting paid for what they're doing?"

"I would direct you to the Department of Justice or to your congressional representatives," replied FBI spokesperson Shauna Dunlap.

We spoke by phone with the homeowner, though he refused to make any comment. So far, the FBI says it has made no arrests in either case.

FBI raid in Bryan

The FBI was searching at a third scene in Bryan on Friday. There is a connection to the raids held in Houston.

An FBI agent told us that the search is still going on and that there is no public threat or hazard at this time. The search warrant is sealed, so everyone is keeping quiet.

One resident told us investigators have pulled out the contents in the home they are searching and laid it all out in the front yard.

Earlier in the day on Friday, residents were told to voluntarily evacuate. Some were allowed in, but had to show where they live on a map.

Several units left the area late in the afternoon, including the College Station special operations unit. An FBI agent we talked to still would not confirm what they are looking for or what they have found. He would also not confirm the homeownership connection; even he did say it is at matter of public record.

He did say no arrests were made and there is no public hazard at this point.

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