Overcrowded animal shelter makes plea for help


Workers at the Animal Rescue Center say caring for the animals has been tough over the last couple of months. They're hoping slashing the price of adoptions can help control the overcrowding problem.

The dog pens are packed, cat cages are getting cramped and workers at Galveston County Animal Resource Center say the animal population here's becoming a huge problem.

"Quite honestly, we're maxed out here at the facility," said Kurt Koopmann with the Galveston County Health District. "We have about double the amount of animals that we should have."

Koopmann says this shelter in Texas City is way past the 220 animals it can comfortably hold. Workers say, right now, being over capacity is straining the facility.

"Whenever you have this type of population, it's hard on the staff and the volunteers that come in here," Koopmann said. "Quite honestly, we're concerned. It's hard to continuously take care of this number of animals."

Dogs and cats have been coming in by the dozens, several days a week for a few months.

"The staff here tells me situations like this are not ideal. They say these bins were designed for one animal at a time," Koopmann said.

Now, in an effort to eliminate the overcrowding issue, the Galveston County Animal Resource Center launched an aggressive adoption special this week. It's cutting the rates for cats and dogs in half, to $42.50.

Maria Hinojosa says she heard about the shelter's overcrowding and brought her family's little ones over to pick out a pet.

"The kids love animals," she said.

Workers say the more animals they can adopt out like this, the more they can save from euthanization.

Koopmann said, "We have a lot of very good quality animals that would make great family members for someone and so we're just asking people to consider coming in and giving them a forever home."

Animal Rescue Center workers say the special adoption rate does include spay or neuter, vaccines and microchip.

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