Deer Park family's new table was unexpect host for beetles from China


The furniture has been in the home since March and the family was happy with the table until this week, when a beetle apparently chewed its way out of the wood and into the home.

A beetle made a meal of a Deer Park kitchen table, apparently chewing its way out much to Isabel Robles-Gauna's surprise.

"Oh the thing was ugly," she said.

Robles-Gauna says after one look at the big insect, she needed help.

"I called one of my boys," she said.

But with a beetle this big, Robles-Gauna says she needed reinforcements.

"Then I called another boy," she said.

Robles-Gauna took this video of her husband and kids capturing the insect.

"I was there with the little envelopes in case it flew and I could just slap it down," her son, Leo Robles, said.

The family tossed the bag into the freezer and started looking for answers. We were at the home when an official from the USDA took the beetle away for identification.

It was sent to USDA headquarters, where officials are now telling the family the beetle is a teak trunk borer native to south China, where the table was made. The USDA says the beetle does not attack living trees and cannot survive in the U.S., so no further action is needed.

It's little comfort to the Robles family.

"I want my house exterminated inside and out I just want the safety of my family," Robles-Gauna said.

A Rooms To Go technician took the table, chairs and credenza the family bought just four months ago and the company issued a full refund.

The president of the company tells us the company has, "inspected all other furniture in the same line and found no other insects at all."

Rooms To Go officials say they did find a second beetle in the family's table and sent it to Texas A&M University. A&M officials confirmed what the USDA says, that the beetle will not cause an infestation here in southeast Texas.

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