ABC13 resolves brain cancer patient's insurance flap


The paperwork mistake happened back in April but it wasn't until little Liam Webb needed to being Phase Two of his brain cancer treatments that his family learned he was no longer insured and his life-saving treatments were postponed.

Three-year-old Liam Webb seems to have no cares in the world. It's his mom, Carli Webb, who is burdened with them after learning her son has brain cancer.

"They found out it was ATRT, which is a very rare form of brain tumor in children," she said.

After five surgeries, the cancer is gone, but the kind of cancer Liam has is aggressive and requires radiation treatments then chemo therapy and bone marrow transplants. The Webbs were set to begin radiation treatments Monday but were told Liam was no longer covered by insurance.

"Because the last page on the signature for the application was not signed," Carli said.

Carli says Texas Children's Health Plan officials planned to reinstate the insurance in July, but Liam's doctors said the three-year-old needed to begin treatment right away. So Webb called us.

Hours later, this statement came from the Texas Children's Health Plan.

"We immediately made contact with the organization the state partners with for health coverage renewal requests to determine the specifics of this case. We worked diligently to advocate for retroactive renewal on behalf of the family and are pleased with the outcome of this issue."

We were there when Webb learned her son will get the treatment he needs.

"They just said that he was reinstated. That means that he's covered," Carli told us.

Liam will be treated at M.D. Anderson and officials say his procedures can begin as early as Wednesday.

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