New type of facelift garners attention from women, doctors alike

May 16, 2013 8:27:29 PM PDT
The number of cosmetic surgeries has exploded, from 2 million to 9 million in just 15 years. Many are facelifts, which are being done not just for vanity, but often to help people re-enter a competitive job market. Now a new type of facelift on the market is being praised for its fast recovery time.

They say beauty comes from within. But sometimes that's not enough.

"I want to look better, younger," 72-year-old Geri Brandt.

Brandt knows exactly what she wants, so she tried to get her new look with something new called the fusion facelift. What makes it different than the typical facelift? The fusion facelift moves the entire face as a single unit.

"So that when you're done, you have a 10-year more youthful look than you would have if you hadn't done it," Dr. Aguilar said.

Recovery is also much faster. That's because shots of epinephrine are given before surgery to reduce blood flow and thus bruising.

Two and half months after the fusion face lift, Brandt says she is happy with her results.

"I feel very natural. I don't feel like my face is tight," Brandt said. "I just feel great. I want the rest of me done!"

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