Controversial sign at Houston restaurant sparks outrage

An ABC13 viewer submitted this photo of a controversial sign posted outside Roots Bistro in the Montrose area (iWitness Reports)

April 14, 2013 4:09:03 PM PDT
A controversial sign at a Montrose-area bistro is sparking outrage on social media and protests in front of the restaurant.

The sign made light of domestic violence, and while it has been removed, the outrage is still alive.

The manager of Roots Bistro is apologizing for the sign that read, "Beer should be like violence: domestic."

The manager says the sign was put up by an employee Saturday morning and then taken down within about 10 minutes after complaints started pouring in.

A photo of the sign made it to Facebook and Twitter, and now the worldwide web is fueling a backlash against the restaurant while some Houstonians are protesting outside the establishment.

Houston resident Kyle Nielson decided to make his own sign protesting Roots Bistro. He was outside the restaurant for a few hours Sunday.

"Domestic violence is something that happens hidden away in homes, and for somebody to promote it publicly -- even as a joke -- is an outrage," Nielson said. "It is absolutely ridiculous."

The manager did not want to go on camera, but did tell us he takes full responsibility for what he calls a big mistake, and offered his apologies to the entire community.

The sign did change, and it changed more than once. Sunday afternoon, it read: "Seriously focus your energy on equal rights," which continued to upset people who claimed the statement made light of the damage the first sign did. By Sunday evening, it read: "Sorry a million times over Houston."

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