Retailers offer loyal customer break on gas prices

April 3, 2013 3:10:51 PM PDT
Gas prices are expected to go up several times before we even hit the busy travel season. But one major retailer wants to give their customers a break.

Walmart just rolled back their prices at the pump by as much as 15 cents. But what's the catch? And can you find a better deal around town?

It's called the Great Gas Rollback program at Walmart.

Driver Vanessa Carroll said, "I have noticed it on the pump, that's why I come here all the time."

The retail giant wants to help customers save on their fuel purchases at more than 1,000 Murphy USA and Walmart gas stations.

"I always come here to get my gas because it is the cheapest in the area," said driver Rebecca Chisenhall. "It saves."

Shopper Michael Wise said, "Anytime you can save money in this day and age."

This is how the Walmart program works. If you want to save 15 cents per gallon, you have to use a Walmart credit card or debit card.

Paul Ivanovsky of said, "That's not the route I recommend going."

Ivanovsky says there is a better option to save for cash customers. You can save 10 cents per gallon using a Walmart gift card.

"I pick them up as I check out and pick them up in $50 increments, so I am at least getting a good amount of gas," Ivanovsky said.

So gas at a Walmart on Sawdust in Spring would be $3.33 a gallon with a prepaid Walmart gift card.

Shopper Vanessa Carroll said, "I just keep reloading it over and over again."

"Walmart figures if they can make their gas a little cheaper, make a little easier there so you can spend more at their store, obviously it makes sense," Ivanovsky said.

But Ivanovsky says Walmart is not the only gas station offering customer loyalty incentives. As you might know, Kroger grocery stores and Shell gas stations have partnered up to offer fuel points that translate into savings. You have to shop at Kroger to earn those points.

"If you shop at Kroger, that's another way to save money," Ivanovsky said.

At participating Citgos across our area, some will offer a cash card price, up to 15 cents cheaper than the regular price with a Citgo gift card. Discounts will vary.

"It's 10 to 15 cents," Ivanovsky said. "What they want is, they want some loyalty."

If you don't have time to shop around, use an app like Gas Buddy. Paul says it will actually shop around your area for the best prices on gas and it's pretty easy to use.

"Check your iPhone, check your apps," Ivanovsky advised. "There are some ways to save money on your gas, on your trips out there."

Walmart's rollback gas prices are good through July 7.

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