Hand surgeon Michael Brown says jail is making him sick

Dr. Michael Brown

March 26, 2013 2:34:46 AM PDT
Former prominent hand surgeon Michael Brown is trying to get out of jail. Brown is serving time for contempt of court connected to his most recent divorce. But he claims the jail is making him sick.

Michael Brown will be in jail until at least April 4. That's a jail review set by the judge on Monday. Brown asked to be let out of jail, saying he'd gotten an E. coli infection, that he couldn't take care of financial matters and that he hadn't seen his kids. All of this fell on unsympathetic ears.

Michael Brown appeared in court wearing his Harris County jail uniform. His attorneys told Judge Sheri Dean that Brown got an E. coli infection in the Harris County jail where he has been for the past couple of weeks on contempt of court. They also said he had not been able to keep up with his finances and had not seen his kids.

To those complaints Judge Dean replied, "(These are) all issues you deal with when you don't do what you're supposed to do."

"I'm not hearing enough of what I need to hear to let someone out," she added.

At issue is money. According to the judge, Michael Brown hasn't made any payments that he's required to make.

Attorney M.D. Brown Jr., said, "He didn't like jail. That two weeks was enough for him to reflect and decide that he'd been a bad boy and he was going to be good."

M.D. Brown Jr., no relation to the parties involved, represents Rachel Brown, the woman in a nasty divorce with Michael Brown. Rachel was not in the courtroom on Monday but her attorney says Michael Brown has not been making hefty court-ordered payments.

"We haven't been paid," M.D. Brown Jr. said. "There's an order that he was to deposit, dollar for dollar, an equal amount for all the lawyers. How many lawyers did you count that were here today?"

The judge says she won't let Michael Brown out until he does begin to make those payments and is compliant with her orders.

The judge is giving Michael Brown until April 4 to prove that. He was found to be in contempt of court on a judge's orders that said he could only spend money on necessary living expenses. But according to court records, Brown spent millions on property, yachts and cars. Brown was sentenced to 180 days in jail for each violation, to be served concurrently.

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