Emotions run high when accused killers appear in courtroom

April 9, 2013 8:29:24 AM PDT
Two men accused of killing a man during robbery in north Houston appeared in court Friday morning and emotions were running high.

Delawrence Jackson and Dominique Johnson were just charged this week with the murder of Jumarcus Bingham back in February. Both suspects appeared in court, facing capital murder charges.

One man's sister couldn't contain her emotions and was asked to leave the proceedings. Delawrence Jackson could be seen looking back at his sister in the courtroom.

Jackson and Dominique Johnson are accused of robbing Bingham outside an apartment on Airtex on February 28. Bingham was shot several times in the back.

Jackson's sister says her brother didn't pull the trigger.

"My brother is innocent. Delawrence Jackson is innocent," she said. "He was running with the wrong crowd and the real murderer is out there. He knows who he is, please should turn himself in."
___________________________________________________________ UPDATE:
Charges against both Delawrence Jackson and Dominique Johnson were dropped on April 1

Updated 4/9/13 ___________________________________________________________