Vandals target vehicles at south side apartments -- again

March 15, 2013 4:27:05 PM PDT
Vandals have been targeting residents of a south side apartment complex, striking last night for the second time in a week.

Residents at the Wilmington Park apartments on Wilmington near Scott now are driving around in cars covered in gang graffiti, and police are searching for the vandals responsible for so much damage.

These apartment complex residents have been hit not once but twice by vandals in the same week. First it was their tires, now red spray paint. Neighbors say they're getting pretty fed up.

"We're not secure at all," resident Charlotte Denman said.

Neighbors at Wilmington House Apartments are dealing with an ugly eyesore right now.

"I'm pretty much frustrated, upset, disgusted, scared," Denman said.

Neighbors say bright red paint was sprayed across dozens of cars parked here overnight.

"Very, very frustrating and it's just out of control," neighbor Angela Carter said.

And all the victims at the complex say they have no idea who's behind the vandalism. Denman's van was almost entirely tagged.

"I don't know if this is a sign. Or for me to be a target or what. I don't know," Denman said.

Based on some of the graffiti, some there suspect the damage might be gang-related, which has them more than a little worried.

"They wrote '103' on the wall and put that it's Third Ward, so that means it's gang-related and there's definitely going to be something else going on," said resident Teresa Garcia, whose car was vandalized. "Kind of makes me want to go stay somewhere for the weekend because I don't know what's next."

Neighbors say this vandalism is the latest in a series of disturbing crimes hitting this complex. They say several tenants found their tires slashed earlier this week.

"We all work hard fro what we have. And it's not the good cars they are targeting. They are targeting the tore-down cars too. Cars that won't even move out here in this parking lot," Denman said.

Based on some of the graffiti in the area spray painted the same color, some neighbors suspect this vandalism may be gang related. And the fed-up victims are now begging the culprits to stop.

"Try to find something more positive to do. This is not good at all. It's not going to lead to nothing but more and more upset," Carter said.

Houston police is investigating the vandalism right now. Officers are asking anyone with information about the taggers to call HPD or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS(8477).

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