Officials raid 'stash house' in NW Harris County

February 5, 2013 4:25:30 PM PST
Agents rounded up nearly two dozen suspected illegal immigrants from a northwest Harris County home where they also found cash, guns and drugs.

Law enforcement was in and out of a house on Cherry Springs near Acres Homes for hours Tuesday afternoon. Among the things they've found -- 23 people, at least 20 of them here illegally and three of them wanted on felonies.

This also turned out to be a pretty big drug bust with more than a million dollars' worth of methamphetamine discovered at the home as well.

Law enforcement put 20 people on a bus to an ICE detention center and three people went to the Harris County Jail. Homeland Security tells us that the people here illegally were from Mexico and Honduras and that this was a stash house, where they were waiting for transportation to other parts of the US.

Along with the million-plus dollars' worth of methamphetamine, agents found several ounces of cocaine, as well as guns and cash.

Neighbors say they were startled.

"I hear the little dogs next door start barking, so I get up and I looked out next thing I know there's a ton of sheriff's officers out here," said neighbor Joe Gayton. "I knew something was going on so I come out and sit and then they're going all over the place inside the house."

Neighbors also tell us there was close to no traffic in and out of the house and they never saw anyone. Homeland Security says a neighbor called to complain about a suspicious vehicle. When police officers caught up with the vehicle, the driver ran. That's what led them to the stash house around 12:30pm Tuesday.

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