Neighbors sue North Carolina church over noise

January 29, 2013 11:59:34 AM PST
As expected, a dispute over noise levels coming from a Durham church has landed in court.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, nine families living in The Hills at Southpoint subdivision claim that NewHope Church on Fayetteville Road refuses to turn down the music. The neighbors say performances and practice sessions at the church are "akin to rock concerts."

In December, police cited the church under Durham's noise ordinance for sound considered "unreasonable and disturbing."

The church claims it's tried to work with its neighbors by soundproofing walls, lowering sound levels, and changing worship times.

Those changes are apparently not enough for neighbors who live near the church. They claim church leaders have been hostile to their complaints and continue to pump out music levels that invade their homes - affecting their ability to sleep and enjoy their neighborhood.

They're seeking a restraining order against the church and punitive damages.

An attorney for NewHope said he had just received a copy of the suit and had not had a chance to study it.

"The church has been in full compliance with both local and state law and has monitored all sounds coming from the church to ensure compliance. Newhope church has been and continues to be a good neighbor and will respond appropriately to the complaint. Newhope church has nothing but love for their neighbors," said attorney William J. Thomas, II.

This story is from our sister station WTVD in North Carolina.