Two arrests made after brutal attack at La Porte skate park recorded

January 25, 2013 4:34:06 PM PST
A brutal attack was caught on camera. In it, a young man was jumped and punched relentlessly. On Friday, authorities filed charges against the suspected attacker, 17-year-old Noel Matthew Bargas. Later in the day, he was arrested, along with a juvenile.

Bargas and another person allegedly beat a handicapped teen and posted the video of it on the victim's Facebook page.

"It's like, my God," said Mike Tanner, the victim's father. "I watched the video over and over and over again."

In the video, you can see how the victim on the bike appears to be approached by another teen, who then beats the boy.

"This isn't right," said Tanner. "This isn't right for this guy to do this to my son."

What makes this most disturbing, Tanner says, is that his son is handicapped. He was in an accident several years ago that left him with both physical and cognitive disabilities and his father says it's inexcusable for someone to hurt the boy like this after he's been through so much already.

"To sit there and watch my son for six weeks in ICU on life-support," said Tanner. "Yeah, it's terrible."

Police say this is not the only attack, either. Both incidents occurred at the Sylvan Beach skate park. They believe the suspect who did the beating and the teen who shot the video in the first attack swapped roles and targeted at least one other alleged victim.

"If there's other assaults that have occurred that we are not aware of, we'd like the people to come forward," said Assistant Chief Steve Deerdorf of the La Porte Police Department.

Police hope now to find out more about these cases before another innocent person ends up on Facebook, the object of some bully's sick endeavors.

If you know anything about any other attacks recorded and posted online, you can call the La Porte Police Department at 281-471-3811

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