Vandals target vehicles and property in Conroe neighborhood

January 15, 2013 2:45:25 PM PST
People in one Conroe neighborhood woke up last weekend to find their cars and mailboxes spray painted as part of a vandalism spree. And that wasn't the end of the damage.

Authorities say the suspects seemed to have been on a mission to cause destruction, going after cars, garages and mailboxes, armed with cans of spray paint. We're told they marked up property even as residents were awake inside their homes.

"There were six vehicles in our driveway and they didn't do anything to the Nissan or the Dodge, just Fords," said victim Lance Wilson.

His F-250 super duty truck was one of the targets tagged by vandals armed with white spray paint. His headlights, specialized fog lights, and even the Ford symbol defaced. And he says this wasn't even the worst of it. Another family member's brand new pickup was hit hard.

"Basically just sprayed all down the side of the truck," Wilson said. "I mean it just zig-zags all down the side of the truck."

According to Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constable Gene DeForest, the vandals were on a spree.

He said, "If I had to make a guess, I think it's teenagers. I think it's kids."

The suspects marked up a Lexus sedan a few streets away and sprayed graffiti, some of it too obscene to show on TV, on garage doors and several mailboxes in the neighborhood.

"If you want to go home and spray paint your stuff, go do it," said Constable DeForest. "But leave people's things alone."

"I just can't image the cost and the gall to do that to someone else's personal property is shocking," said neighbor Jennifer O'Neil.

Deputy constables as well as Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies are now searching for the suspects responsible.

"Somebody knows. Somebody knows who did it," Wilson said. "They need to pay for what they are doing. I mean, they are vandalizing everybody's property. People work hard for what they have. I've worked hard to earn this truck."

The vehicle owners are working on repairs. Authorities say because mailboxes are federal property, the suspects could face federal charges.

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