Expect another cold and soggy day

January 15, 2013 9:22:47 AM PST
We're in for another cold, wet, windy day. The day begin with patchy fog, drizzle and even a few areas of sleet, especially north of Houston.

The latest round of cold, light rain is winding down, but patches of light rain will be possible through the rest of the day. With the light precipitation and extensive clouds, temperatures will spend most of the day in the upper 30s, briefly reaching the low 40s in a few neighborhoods.

Although a viewer reported sleet in Huffman earlier today, that is the only report of frozen precipitation we have received, and it is now too warm to support any frozen precipitation.

Tonight it will turn cold enough for some light sleet to mix in with the light rain and perhaps even a snow flurry north of Houston. But just as the air turns cold enough to support frozen precipitation, dry air will be blowing in. With very little moisture to work with, the clouds will produce little, if any precipitation. Temperatures near the ground are still expected to stay just above freezing, so if anything frozen does fall from the sky, it will not stick/accumulate.

Any precipitation should come to an end in the morning tomorrow, followed by some sunshine in the afternoon. Temperatures will drop below freezing Thursday morning, long after the clouds and rain have moved on.

Sunshine and milder temps return Thursday. Temperatures warm back into the 60s over the weekend.

We'll keep you updated on air and online. Weather warnings are posted as soon as they are issued on the ABC13Weather Twitter page.

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