TV technology advances yet again with ultra HD, or 4K, televisions

January 11, 2013 8:28:37 PM PST
Plenty of people are planning their home party for the Texans-Patriots game on Sunday. But every great game day party needs a good television, and we have details about the latest ones available on the market.

Few occasions sell TVs like the Super Bowl. It happened with HDTV sets and it may do it again with the latest in TV technology.

Dana Hill is ready for the Texans game but doesn't have a new TV to watch the game. When she is ready to upgrade, she'll find the choices include smart TVs, which are web enabled and allow you to do things like watch Netflix with the touch of a button.

Lots of people are asking about them but Mehul Parik Of Sara Appliance & Electronics is not so sure everyone needs it.

"For people that are really into social media, there are neat things you can do, like have your social media updates sent right to your TV," Parik said.

And coming soon something called 4K or ultra HD.

"The quality and crispness is going to be even better. Now that the TVs are getting larger and larger, you are able to get a crisper on those larger screens," Parik said.

Right now 4K TV sets are 84 inches but they are not easy to find. If you want one, get ready to pay a lot.

A 4K TV will set you back $15,000 to $25,000. Like regular HDTVs, the price will very likely drop after 4K has been around a while.

"Depending on your budget, it might not make sense because you are going to pay a premium if you are an early adopter," Parik said.

And just like when HDTV first came out, there is not a lot of 4K content just yet, but that will change as the sets become more popular.

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