Downtown Houston Macy's store to close

January 3, 2013 3:58:05 PM PST
Macy's on Main Street will soon be no more. The massive downtown location will shut its doors, leaving yet another empty store front in the downtown area.

As word about this store's closing became public, the mayor also announced a new task force is helping Macy's and other urban retailers research potentially new locations downtown.

From its historic start here as Foley's in 1947 to the busy lunch-hour traffic, the current Macy's on Main Street still attracts. Some shoppers call this place the last major department store in the heart of what used to be a booming retail district downtown.

Now many of Macy's faithful shoppers will soon say goodbye to this downtown Houston location. Thursday the retailer announced it's one of six stores Macy's is planning to close across the country by the spring.

Shopper Joann McClure said, "Kind of mixed feelings. It's like a big landmark is going to be leaving and what's going to take its place. Just a little curious about the decision."

According to the mayor's office, Macy's lease is running out and the property owner has other plans for this 791,000 square foot building. Some shoppers say this part of downtown is already looking rather dismal.

"We walk around a lot," said shopper Brandi Gomez. "We were noticing a lot of things have been closing around down here, some of the food shops and stuff, too, so we weren't sure what's going on."

With Macy's closing, the mayor's office announced its created a new downtown retail task force.

Bob Eury with the Houston Downtown Management District said, "The good news is Macy's is very interested in having a store in downtown. It would be much smaller, more modern and much more urban than what we see today."

Eury says the task force will research available spaces for a new Macy's and other major retailers.

"Quite frankly, I think this sets the direction for us, in terms of searching for a really viable footprint for Macy's and other urban retailers into downtown," he said.

Starting Monday this Macy's location will begin having final clearance sales. Those sales will last for at least seven weeks.
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