Day-after-Christmas sales lure shoppers back to stores


So far this year, holiday sales have been the weakest since 2008, when the nation was in a deep recession. But if the sea of people at Memorial City Mall on Wednesday were any indication, there may be a way to salvage those numbers.

Christmas is over, so let the shopping begin -- again. And for some hitting the malls and stores on the day after the holiday, the motto is...

"It will be cheaper after Christmas," shopper Briana Davis said.

Shoppers like Davis take these day-after deals very seriously.

"The regular price is $14.95 now its $5 so that's good," she said.

She's talking about cashing in on slashed prices -- some up to 75 percent off. It's a sentiment shared by many others especially those who recevied cash and gift cards for Christmas.

And while some are cashing in, others are trading in.

"My wife bought me a gold bracelet," shopper Mike Lyons said. "I lost my old one so she tried to replace it and she bought a larger one than I really wanted, so I have come here to try and exchange it and get a smaller one just like the one I lost."

Swaps and refunds are keeping stores just as busy, but many shoppers say there's good news when it comes to the crowds.

"I thought it would be a larger crowd than what there is," one shopper said.

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