Deputies: Couple tied up in home, husband killed


Jaime and Sandra Melgar were attacked in their home in the 9500 block of Kelsey Meadows Court. The couple was discovered by relatives who showed up at their home for an anniversary celebration. They found the garage door open and went inside.

Jaime, 52, was tied up in a closet. He had been stabbed to death, officials said.

His wife, Sandra, 53, told investigators she blacked out in a bathroom and then woke up in another closet restrained, but alive.

Homicide investigators aren't saying if the home was ransacked or if anything appeared to be missing. They are still working to gather suspect information.

Sandra Melgar has been interviewed extensively by investigators. She is now back home.

"Ms. Melgar says they were in the bathroom together, her and her husband, and at some time she blacked out and the next thing she remembers is waking up in the closet tied up," said Sgt. Robert Spurgeon with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Meanwhile, neighbors and relatives are shocked by the crime and anxious to find out who's behind it.

"I think we're all in shock because nothing like this has ever happened here before. We don't know what happened, if it was it totally random, in which case it could happen to anybody," said a neighbor who we're identifying only as 'Ann.' "You see all the pretty Christmas lights and then there is police and a crime scene down the street."

An autopsy is scheduled for the victim today.

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