Houston Hobby endures busiest travel day


Nearly 2 million travelers are expected to pass through Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airports during the holiday week, and Saturday was Hobby's busiest day.

With a bag filled with goodies, Shirley Kitchens is going to Disneyworld to see her family for the holidays.

"Oh my gosh, I couldn't sleep last night. It was very exciting," she said. "Just being with everybody -- it'll be fun."

Nearly 30,000 people were expected to travel in and out of Hobby Airport on Saturday. Friday was the busiest day at IAH with nearly 111,000 people traveling.

There were a few hang-ups at Hobby -- including delays -- and, as expected, it's not easy booking a last minute flight.

"Everything is booked. Everything is packed right now. It's hard to get in and out of here like normal. I'm going to sit around for four or five hours," Ken Ferguson said. "It'll be alright. I'll watch some TV and go eat."

But for the most part, lines were moving quickly.

"I was surprised because they had done a phenomenal job keeping up with Christmas traffic and making sure that everybody's getting to be where they need to be on time," traveler Brittiny Moore said.

Hobby was not the only busy airport Saturday. According to AAA, Texans are on the move.

The travel group projects nearly 7.7 million Texans will leave home during the holiday period. AAA expects most of them will travel by vehicle -- 7.1 million people to be exact. Texans are expected to log an average of 749 miles round-trip during the holiday period.

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