Friendswood woman charged with deadly conduct after alleged drunken rampage


It happened just before 3pm Thursday in the 1100 block of Eagle Lakes Drive.

Michelle Lee O'Donnell, 40, is charged with deadly conduct-family violence.

According to police, O'Donnell drove over a curb and into her yard that afternoon. She then drove directly toward her husband as he was standing behind his truck in the driveway, placing him in danger of serious bodily injury, officials said.

She reportedly slammed into the back of his truck, but he was able to get out of the way. We're told she also got her vehicle stuck in the grass and then backed out into the street before she drove away. She was allegedly intoxicated at the time, officials said.

When officers arrived, they used the suspect's husband's cell phone to track her current location and a warrant was filed in Galveston County.

Police were called back to the residence around 8am Friday and found O'Donnell leaving the area. Officers stopped her vehicle as it entered League City on F.M. 518 and O'Donnell was taken into custody.

Investigators said they found an open bottle of vodka in the vehicle and an open flask of vodka in her purse.

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