Holiday travel rush in full swing at Houston airports


Today is the second busiest day of the travel season at IAH. Only about 50 flights have been axed so far which is much better than Thursday when the storm forced the cancellation of more than 100 flights.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which includes long lines at the airport. This week has also included delays and cancellations due to bad weather in other parts of the country, so today's travelers are double-checking their flights.

"On the internet and called one of my friends who was here, make sure everything's OK," said Billy Russell.

"Luckily nowadays they tell you -- email and text message -- so I knew," said another traveler.

This is one of the busiest days of this holiday travel period for Bush airport with 118,000 travelers passing through the airport. The prospect of long lines was enough to bring passengers here early.

"We are here an hour earlier," sid Asim Jilana. "Just to be sure. Yes."

Yesterday was actually the busiest day of the year at IAH with more than 125,000 people, while today is expected to be the second busiest day of the year. More than 118,000 travelers are expected to pass through IAH today, and nearly two million during the entire holiday period.

Some people are dealing with the delays and cancellations. We spoke with one mother early this morning who had one child with her at the airport, and was waiting for another.

"He's in Kansas, so he can't go outta nowhere until Saturday. He's getting out before he gets stuck. He doesn't want to get stuck. He's ready to go," said parent Angela Smith.

Another holiday traveler, Ryan Gum, told us, "We get into Pittsburgh around almost midnight, so I think it's supposed to start southern and move northern. We're supposed to get three to six (inches of snow) overnight where we're both from, so we're going to try to outrun it. We'll see how it happens."

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