Galveston police mulling charges in case of boy locked in box


The case first made news in August, and the nine-year-old boy's court-appointed attorney is still asking, where are the charges?

Donna LeLeux says she doesn't usually do media interviews but she's the only voice this little boy has, and in 12 years, it's one of the worst cases she has ever seen.

"First and foremost I'm a mom. Before I'm a lawyer, I'm a mom. And I cannot imagine anybody touching a child in this manner," LeLeux said.

More than four months after the boy ran away from home and was found by Galveston police, she asks why there are no charges.

"I want justice for this little boy. We owe him that," she said.

We called the Galveston County District Attorney's Office Tuesday to find out where the case stands but did not hear back from them by the end of the business day.

This summer, investigators searched the home after initially taking the boy back there. They said they believed his father and stepmother may have locked the boy in a wooden box in the laundry room and photographed him nude.

"Who could do this to a little boy, a little bitty boy? He's beautiful, magnificent, and he's damaged, without a doubt," LeLeux said.

According to the search warrant affidavit, the child's father even showed officers the box in question.

"This case ain't renewing my faith in mankind. I'm about to lose my mind with this case," LeLeux said.

And there was more found in the house.

Court documents indicated crack pipes, computers and cameras, and this passionate attorney says there's much more to the case she can't even discuss.

While fundraisers have been held to help the child recover, she says justice is taking far too long.

"Everybody needs to step up and stand up and they need to protect this little boy," LeLeux said.

The boy is seeing a therapist and has been placed in a foster home.

Meanwhile, LeLeux is planning a rally December 14 in Galveston County.

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