'Bully' goat chases, tries to bite kids near school in NE Houston


The incident was by far the highlight of the day, possibly the year, at Lamar Fleming Middle School, as well as for folks who live nearby.

It's not every day an animal gets folks so riled up. A goat, sauntering down the road, was caught on camera Tuesday morning making its way onto a middle school campus.

"He's a mean old goat," Carl Johnson told us.

He called 911 when he heard a commotion outside his front door.

"The landlord right there come out and had his broom and shooed him on up this way," he said.

Right in the path of Lamar Fleming.

"I was thinking, do I corral it or do I bring it into the school to enroll?" joked the school principal.

She ushered 400 students into the cafeteria and called animal control.

"It had a chain around its neck, so I'm believing it to be somebody's neighborhood pet and it just probably broke free," the principal said.

At some point, the goat became aggressive and tried to head butt and bite some of the students.

While neighbors watched on, wondering how it got loose. The goat didn't hurt anyone or resist arrest.

"If he'd have hurt one of those kids, he probably would have hurt them bad," said Johnson.

And he's only welcome back under one condition.

"We're always looking for a new mascot," said Lamar Fleming's principal.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says the goat is in the county pen. He'll be there for 18 business days. If no one claims him, he'll go to the county auction.

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