Two suspects arrested, others at-large after violent home invasion in N. Harris Co.


Precinct 4 deputies say the search started after six gunmen invaded a home in the 6900 block of Foxbrook in the Humble area and kidnapped a man. The violent crime quickly escalated from there.

Deputies say the suspects terrorized a family, and some of them are still at-large.

"I closed my eyes and I just prayed," one the victims, who we're identifying only as Hugo, told us.

The marks on Hugo's face are a fresh reminder of it all.

"He just went like that. Pop, and this is where they stomped me on the ground," he said.

Upon returning home, he and his wife were greeted at the door by a group of police impersonators who turned out to be ferocious thieves and attackers.

"All I see was all black with half masks that said 'police,'" Hugo told us.

"We had information that they were possibly armed with long guns, AR 15-type weapons, shotguns, pistols -- that kind of stuff -- when they initially went into the home," Harris County Precinct 4 Lt. Wayne Schultz said.

Hugo says the imposters ransacked the house for valuables then kidnapped his brother-in-law, Luis.

"They said if you call the police we'll kill him and they took off ," Hugo told us.

Luis survived the unnerving 15-minute ride in his own truck. The suspects eventually ditched him and took off in a different getaway car.

"One of my sergeants was actually driving down 1960, spotted the vehicle, turned around on the vehicle," Harris County Precinct 4 Lt. Wayne Schultz said.

Constables say that discovery turned into a chase, and when they reached a wooded area on Inverness Forest near FM 1960, the suspects jumped out of the car and took off.

For an hour, they searched with no results until...

"Deputy ... with his canine Ron ended up finding him in some brush about 50 yards off an original path that we initially thought they were at," Schultz said.

The muddy suspect was arrested on-site.

"It looked like he may have sustained a dog bite," Schultz said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office says two suspects were taken into custody, but as many as four others are believed to be on the run.

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