Residents want help to slow down dangerous traffic in their neighborhood

Those who live in the Westwick neighborhood just north of the Katy Freeway say the traffic gets crazy during afternoon and morning rush hour, running right through the neighborhood. And they accuse the city of doing little to limit it.

Residents who live in Westwick on Kirkwood say more than 3,300 cars a day barrel down Wickchester, a street which they say used to be much quieter.

Homeowner Bill McCurdy said, "Our car has been hit five different times."

McCurdy says he's just waiting for the next thing hit to be a person.

He said, "We've got to get some help with this street or somebody is going to get hurt. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet."

Neighbors say a child narrowly avoided being hit recently after stepping off a school bus. Also a dog was recently killed. Homeowners have complained to city hall for years.

"We're so frustrated with them because we get nowhere," said homeowner Christy Albeck.

Ever since the expansion of the Katy Freeway and closure of Old Katy Road, they say vehicles have cut through here to avoid traffic on I-10. Albeck has lived here since 1984.

"It's just gotten worse," she said.

For its part, the city of Houston's Public Works Department says there is little new in these complaints. A spokesperson says they have been working with homeowners for years. They've placed speed bumps on the roadway and installed other devices to limit speed or traffic through the neighborhood.

Still, Public Works spokesperson Alvin Wright said, "We're willing to listen to anything that makes sure safety of the public is ensured."

That's all anybody here wants.

Public Works says this is a traffic enforcement issue. Houston police says it has conducted several speed enforcement initiatives here.

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